Stuck using the same data segments as their competitors and given no real edge over their rivals, agencies often have difficulty offering their clients truly great marketing strategies.

But what if agencies could source the third-party data they need from only one place? Agencies that utilize BDEX data can build their own custom audiences, giving them more flexibility and an edge over any competition.

The BDEX Targeting Module enables brands to select any data attributes, combine them, and select the quality, age and price of each and every data element.

  • Purchase Audience Groups in Real Time
  • Combine Limitless Categories to Build Custom Audience Groups
  • Filter by Data Quality and Data Age
  • Monitor Campaigns and Adjust Combinations in Real Time

With information on virtually every consumer in the United States, BDEX is your one-stop shop for data.

  • Over 900 billion data signals. Half of those signals come from industry-leading sources like Acxiom and Neustar, and the other half come from real-time custom tags
  • Over 5,500 different data categories, including shopping, sports, health, recreation and science
  • 700+ million connections between email and mobile IDs
  • 900+ billion data points available

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