Brands Don’t Want Bigger Data — They Want Actionable Insights

“Agencies: Does Your Data Pass the ‘So-What’ Test?”


Big Data Exchange nominated for Innovative Technology Award!

Big Data Exchange has been nominated for the Miami Chamber of Commerce 2015 Technology Leaders Award for Innovative Technology!

The Innovative Technology Award honors a company that has developed a technology and application that is ground-breaking.

Winners will be announced at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Technology Leaders of the Year Awards Luncheon on April 28, 2015.

For more information go to: The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce


63 Percent of Global Digital Ad Spend Will Go to Mobile by 2018

“eMarketer predicts that next year, advertisers will spend $64.3 billion on mobile advertising, up 60 percent from 2014. And by 2018, mobile ad spend will reach $159 billion, or 63 percent of global digital ad spend.”


Note: BDEX will have full support of mobile data by 2Q 2015.

Six Solutions to the Headaches Big Data Can Bring

“How Marketers Can Guard Against Security Threats and other Disruptions”


Finding The Elusive Big Wisdom In Big Data

“We want to believe getting value from big data is as simple as pouring in the data, running a program and getting insights, but in fact, it’s much more complicated than that.”



Speed To Insight: Key To Big Data Success

“…among the 1,000 executives surveyed from nearly 70 countries, 63% say they’ve seen a positive return on analytic investments within one year. Among executives who say they are from “speed-driven organizations” — where data analyses lead to action in as little time as possible — 69% say they have seen significant positive results from their data analytics efforts over the past three years.”