What Your Business Can Learn about Leveraging Big Data From Netflix, Eloqua and Election

For many organizations, big data is the engine of their success. Netflix , Eloqua and Obama’s 2008 winning campaign for the presidency provide key lessons for entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of big data. Each of these businesses used big data to get closer to its customers — and to develop a successful strategy.


Programmatic Ad Buying to Reach $21 Billion

“Machines are taking on a much bigger role in advertising buying round the world, according to a new study.”


Facebook Australia Chief: Here’s What Everyone’s Missing About Big Data

“The reality is that big data has absolutely no value unless you can build insights. And insights have no value unless you can distribute those insights in the right format to the right people… to make the right business decisions to ultimately drive efficiencies and P/L sales.”


The Advantages of Product Intelligence For Your Company

“What makes Product Intelligence interesting to us as a field of focus is that it is a superb application for Big Data – providing highly targeted, real time intelligence that serves up insights INSIDE of the new product development process at the exact moment when conclusive, authoritative insight is most needed.  When it’s literally make or break. ”


Five Dimensions To Make The Most of Big Data – Infographic

“The first dimension is to identify the different business drivers within your company. What are the most important ares within you company that drive revenue and how can you improve them with data. Big Data offers the possibility to improve these business drivers and increase your revenue. ”


Five Dimensions To Make The Most of Big Data - Infographic


How to Achieve Big Success from Big Data (InfoGraphics)

“In order to get results from Big Data, you do not need petabytes or more of data. Instead, it is all about combining data sources that provide you the insights”



How to Achieve Big Success from Big Data