Build Precise Audiences with Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to your first-party data to find more customers identical to your top customers.

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Let Your Data Work for You

Your business’s best customers are waiting to be discovered right now. Connect with them using BDEX’s Omni IQ with machine learning and your first-party data. Get your first-party data strategy in order with machine learning.

What is Omni IQ?

Omni IQ uses machine learning and profiles of your top buyers to look for identical users across all platforms. We have an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand.

Achieve Results

You provide the seed file. BDEX’s business analytic tools provide results. Using first-party data of your ideal customers, our unified identity graph goes to work ingesting mobile IDs, emails (MD5, SHA1, SHA256), PII, and household IDs. Improve your ROAS with clean reliable data that’s accurately targeted.

Understand Your Data

After analyzing your data against our platform (and across over 5,000 segments aggregated from over 100 sources) our analytics team uses machine learning to weigh each point. The result: a highly accurate model of your target consumers.

Determine the Best Consumer Targets

Finally, we confirm the model’s accuracy by testing it against your data. The model finds the best target consumers, then activates the data via your preferred platform. Now you’re ready to connect with a new, scalable audience of likely converters.

Explore Your Data

Unlock your data’s true potential with help from our business analytics team and toolset.

We chose BDEX because of their approach to data quality and validation. Precision and the assurance of privacy protection are paramount in this new era of targeted advertising planning and execution.
Fariba Zamaniyan
Vice President, Data and Monetization Sales

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