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    Enterprise Sales Director

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    The Enterprise Sales Director manages existing partnerships, evaluates company business goals, and works with cross-functional teams.

    You’ll research emerging trends and present business development opportunities to the company’s executive leadership.

    This person reports directly to the CEO.

    What You’ll Be Doing 

    • Strategy:

      • Identify, source and prioritize the types of partnerships that BDEX should be focusing on and potential collaborators within targets verticals
      • Help us find which partners can help us improve our product offering to open up new business
    • Business Development:

      • Lead the identification of new business by finding key strategic decision-makers and reach out to new potential partners and clients
      • Build on your network and niche industry skills to take your ideas and proposals to the people that matter
    • Execution/Project Management

      • Drive and deliver projects from concept to reality. Do it successfully by bringing together relevant internal and external teams that are required to bring a potential partnership to life.

    About You

    Tenacious: You have the ability to stay the course and see a project through to fruition. Overcoming obstacles and always having the customer in mind.

    Communication skills: You are articulate and have the ability to skillfully share ideas both internally and externally.

    Project Management: The ability to set a smart strategy and execute flawlessly. You are a collaborator and know how to bring together multiple teams and decision-makers to artfully execute opportunities.


    • Develop sales processes to be implemented across sales channels, client management, and marketing and communications.
    • Identify and develop growth strategies across multiple product lines.
    • Create accountability within the sales organization by developing appropriate metrics and coordinating compensation and promotions with these metrics.
    • Prospect and close relationships with key target partners/clients.
    • Monitor the revenue pipeline and leads, adjusting as necessary to create sustainable growth.
    • Establish both short-term results and long-term strategy, including revenue forecasting.
    • Monitor the strategies and processes across the revenue cycle from customer acquisition to engagement to success.
    • Fill management gaps by building and training individuals and teams in Sales and Account Management.
    • Develop and implement robust sales management processes – pipeline, account planning, and proposals.
    • Oversee Channel/Partner Development — adding new sales channels and 3rd party resellers and partners. 

    Must-Have Skills

    • Self-starter approach to work, with an eagerness to consistently meet and exceed objectives and take on more responsibility.
    • Comfortable working with team members at all levels.
    • Great communication and relationship building skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage projects, delegate to team members, time and task management.
    • Outstanding organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines.
    • Preferred Salesforce Admin experience



    • At least 5 years of experience in Online Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising or Data Industry.
    • Bachelor’s degree.
    • Great analytical and quantitative abilities.
    • An incredibly fast learner.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a “Data Exchange Platform”?

    BDEX is the first Data Exchange Platform (DXP) developed way back in 2014. BDEX was designed to help data companies buy and sell data. We are similar to the Stock Exchange, but instead of stocks, we facilitate the buying and selling of data. Over a Billion data points a day go into the Platform and you can search across all trillion data points with one query.

    Am I allowed to use the data for marketing purposes?

    Yes.  All of our data partners are required to only send data that is able to be used for marketing purposes. 

    What companies provide data to the platform and how does that process work?

    Currently we have over 100 data partners in the platform.  There is a stringent vetting process the provider goes through before allowing them to participate in the exchange.  We receive over 50 requests a month and only approve one or two each month.  We have marketing relationships with a few of the partners such as Neustar, InfoGroup, SONY, Acxiom, and Dunn Data to name a few.  Some partners choose to remain anonymous.

    Who are some of your customers?

    We work with everyone from small local companies to Fortune 100 Companies.  NBCUniversal, LiveRamp, Synchrony Financial to name a few.

    Can I use the data more than once?

    Yes.  As a matter of act, with BDEX, the data we send you is yours to do whatever you want with it, as long as you don’t re-sell it for other purposes.  You can use it again and again.  Of course, we recommend a data subscription to keep all of your important consumer data fresh.

    How much data does BDEX have?

    A bunch!  There are over a TRILLION data points in the BDEX platform.  Currently we have data tied to over 1.4 Billion emails, 800 Million+ mobile IDs and emails linked to each other, over 300 million emails linked to postal records, and over 5500 categories of data on every consumer in the US.

    What types of data are available?

    There are over 5500 categories of data to choose from so odds are if you need something, we have it.  Choose from Household Income, age, vehicle ownership, geo-location data, purchase data, mobile app information, and so on. Simply contact us and one of our data professionals will work with you to find the perfect segment to meet your needs.

    What is an “Identity Graph”?

    BDEX maintains one of the largest (if not the largest) Identity Graph in the US.  With over a billion data points a day coming into the BDEX platform, it is important to understand who that data is about.  The Identity Graph helps us understand consumers at the device level.  This allows us to have names, email addresses, postal addresses, mobile IDs and cookies, all tied together so we can understand the incoming data and the person it is linked to and this enables you to reach the consumer across all possible marketing channels.

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    Established in 2014, BDEX is the first ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP). Combining hundreds of data sources in real-time into one unique data infrastructure, BDEX offers the most powerful, most accurate identity graph available in the U.S. market. BDEX empowers B2C companies to use the power of data to understand consumer behaviors and intents, helping them reach the right people at the right time.

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