Integrity speaks of our people and our data. We approach our work with Integrity and respect our peers and our customers.  Our work and the product we deliver to our customers is a reflection of who we are. We take pride in providing the best possible service to our customers and that includes providing the highest quality tools and access to only the highest quality data from our partners.


 We all share the vision that BDEX can help drive the future of business through the open exchange of valuable information. It is this vision that drives us as individuals and as a team. It is this vision that enables us to achieve greatness

Think Big

Thinking big is important when you are talking about the incredible amount of data BDEX manages, but thinking big does not just refer to data. To us, thinking big is also about being bold, brave and creative when it comes to our ideas. Big things don’t happen without big ideas so we encourage our team to think outside the box and think big and bold. You never know what may come from big ideas.

Creative Collaboration

We encourage our team to be creative and to collaborate. It is amazing what can be done when minds work together to create. Ideas will often come from places unexpected so we encourage all members of our team to be involved in creative collaboration. This includes the tech team but also the sales executives, investors, and advisors. The more points of view looking at a task, the more creative the solution will be.

Embrace and Drive Change

Change can often be difficult to handle. It requires a combination of agility and patience to navigate. Those who drive change are more adept to handle it because they are able to anticipate how change will affect their surroundings; they are able to embrace it.

We are a TEAM

We are all working together with one common goal: to see through our vision. No single individual has the ability to get us there; we must work as a team to achieve our goals. It is this team effort that brought our ideas to reality, and it is that same team effort that will enable us to achieve greatness.

Customers are Team Members

Without our customers we would never be able to reach our vision. We consider customers team members and work with them cohesively to make each other’s goals reality. By helping our customers reach their goals, we will achieve ours.

Pride, Respect, Passion

We take pride in what we do, show respect for our team members and we are passionate about our vision. With all of these core values, we succeed.