Empower Your Performance with BDEX's Reinforced Identity Graph

Unmatched in precision, strength, and reliability, BDEX’s latest Identity Graph capabilities raise the industry standard.

Identify Authentic Opportunities

Attain true 1:1 marketing through our comprehensive, up-to-date, and verified identity graph that does away with guesswork in customer profiling. Our superior Identity Graph capabilities empower you to capitalize on these opportunities efficiently and increase ROAS as much as 43%.

Improve onboarding and cross-device matching.

Over 300M unique identity linkages authenticated monthly.

The only identity solution provider that authenticates IDs linked to real people.

Link households with all their applicable IDs including emails, mobile IDs, IPs and CTV IDs.

Boost your identity match rates.

Advanced Data Science = Outstanding Performance

Revolutionize Performance with our Rigorous Ad Fraud Elimination

We actively detect and purge IDs associated with ad fraud, including bots and click farms, to maintain the integrity of your platform and campaigns.

Linking with Precision and Reliability

All IDs in our graph are meticulously linked to household IPs, ensuring an accurate and effective reach.

Assuring Addressability​

We remove IDs linked to non-household IPs such as those from carrier networks and public spaces, keeping your target audience streamlined and focused.

Identifying and Excluding Recycled IDs

Our sophisticated system identifies recycled IDs and events—old data disguised as new—and promptly removes them, protecting you from this insidious form of ad fraud.

Addressing Aggregator Inefficiencies

We understand that up to 80% of IDs linked by aggregators aren’t addressable via DSPs due to the aforementioned issues. Our tech is designed to rectify this challenge for you.

Realistic Reach and Improved Performance

Audiences built with non-addressable IDs artificially inflate reach statistics and deteriorate ad performance. Our technology and ID validation process ensures only accurate data is utilized.

What is Identity Resolution?

Your identity graph is more than just a business asset; it’s your safeguard against ad fraud. Enhance it with BDEX’s advanced Identity Graph. We’re committed to data integrity, supplying over 1 trillion real-time data sets, 1.3 billion email hashes, and 800 million MD5 pairs.

Gain a Unified Customer View

Identity Resolution is the perfect fusion of our most robust tools. The BDEX DXP aggregates, normalizes, and programmatically optimizes structural data. Our updated Identity Graph spots and eliminates bad or outdated IDs, fraudulent data, recycled ID linkages, and other inconsistencies.

Leverage the Power of BDEX

There’s a lot to appreciate about our Identity Graph’s comprehensive data dashboard. Enjoy access to dozens of validated data sources in one place, including SDKs, App Publishers, and Aggregators, plus real-time API for accessing identity linkages in milliseconds.

Guard Your Advertising Spend Today

Our data science experts have designed our updated Identity Graph to eradicate fraudulent consumer data and boost returns on advertising spend (ROAS) by as much as 43%. It can supplement your existing internal device graph or act as a foundation for your own creation.

Explore Your Data

Unlock your data’s true potential with help from our business analytics team and toolset.

Liveramp | BDEX Partner
By implementing new stringent validation processes, BDEX is ensuring that all identities within the BDEX Identity Graph are thoroughly vetted, resulting in highly addressable audiences within the bid stream.