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Discover how your business can leverage BDEX’s industry solutions for better connections, more sales, and lasting growth.

Created with You in Mind

When it comes to data, one size doesn’t fit all—so we’ve tailored our tools for businesses across a variety of modern verticals. Discover custom solutions made for your industry. Set yourself apart from the competition. BDEX gives you the upper hand with superior data, no matter your market.

Data Solutions for Every Industry

BDEX tools let you take control of your data and dive deeply into your industry’s audiences.


Media streaming gains more traction each day. With BDEX’s tools on your side, keeping up is simple. Our tailored datasets include more segments for targeting than traditional channels: data from connected TVs and smart devices offer valuable insights that web cookies and mobile identifiers can’t.


Consumers drive cars. BDEX drives data. Data drives success. BDEX gathers geofenced data, behavioral data, and identity data to tell you which people are actively shopping for vehicles. You’ll know when a shopper visits a competitor and receive their contact info, plus details about their current vehicle.


In the online marketplace, your success depends on your ability to connect with potential customers—real people who crave authentic interactions. Now you can leverage BDEX’s powerful tools—the DXP, Omnisource IQ, and Identity Graph—to put your products in front of the right people at the right time.


Do more than just reach followers—excite them with connections based on real, relevant, and recent data. BDEX provides up-to-the-minute data from thousands of categories, over 70 different partners, and countless websites + mobile apps. Let us help you capture new shoppers and satisfy current ones.


In a world of countless platforms, how will you diversify your approach to customer outreach? Agencies can’t afford to depend on just one form of connection. BDEX matches user IDs across all channels, using real-time data to help you build human connections and put your message in front of ideal audiences.


Building a more formidable franchise starts with collecting actionable data. Using BDEX’s suite of tools (DXP, Identity Graph, Omnisource IQ, and Data as a Service) you can reach real people through strategies like email retargeting, geofencing data, and direct-mail targeting.

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