Omni Pixel Transforms Website Shoppers to Loyal Customers

Omni-Channel Recapture Solution that Transcends Cookies and Mobile Identifiers

Transform Visitors to Customers

Revolutionize Customer Engagement

A visitor lands on your website and is prompted to share their location.

An anonymous visitor lands on your website.

Our AI identifies household and deploys cross-channel marketing.

Our simple invisible image pixel identifies the household.

Tracking their journey, we attribute sales to real customers and provide valuable reporting.

We match the household to digital identifiers so you can deploy cross-channel marketing.

Opt-in only. Data privacy.

No cookie tracking, opt-in, respecting privacy.

The Challenge

Retargeting is a powerful, but this technique is facing a roadblock.

Over 50% of US mobile site visits and 40% of browser visits do not support retargeting.

This makes it difficult for companies to reach their target audience and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior.

Moreover, much of the data collected by companies is unactionable, rendering their investment into data collection futile.

The inability to leverage data for cross-channel retargeting is resulting in lost revenue and thwarted marketing efforts.

The Solution

Studies show that retargeting website visitors can increase conversions by 43%.

Don’t let the current retargeting gap hold you back.

Omni Pixel fills the void, enabling you to continue driving website traffic and increasing your chances of conversion.

Omni Pixel compliments your current efforts and acts as a force multiplier of your investments.

Get the edge you need to thrive in a competitive market. 

How Omni Pixel Works

Step 1: Try It Out

Start with a no-cost trial period to complete onboarding and pixel configuration.

Step 2: Integrate with Ease

Add a simple image script to your site.

Step 3: Achieve Verified Accuracy

Launch retargeting campaigns confidently with our precise household ID graph logic for accurate marketing efforts.

Benefits of BDEX's Omni Pixel

  • Identify customer behavior across touchpoints.
  • Use unique IDs for household viewing metrics.
  • Convert anonymous visitors to identified customers.
  • Generate 1st-party data independently.
  • Boost traffic and conversion rates by 43%.
  • Use AI for targeted direct mail, email or media.
  • Own future-proof, 1st-party data.
  • Understand audience for strategic adjustments.
  • Simple website integration with high opt-in rates.
  • Resolve addresses for cross-platform marketing.

Optimize Your Efforts and Your Reach

Brands can now market and measure relevant advertising to previously missed 70% website visitors.

Resolve site visitors to household location with verified accuracy consented opt-in browser logic.

Unique persistent Household ID identifies browsers/devices, brand-controlled CCPA-compliant security.

Lightweight script integrated with modern consent technologies, compliant with all US legislation.

Omni IQ’s Open API interoperates with your stack, making data available on-demand.

Our Data
+ 0
Consumer Data Segments and Attributes
+ 0 Million
Households Mapped to Digital Identitifiers
+ 0 Million
Unique Identity Linkages Authenticated Monthly

Industry Leading

House holding capabilities

Omni Pixel: The Ultimate Solution for Omnichannel Retargeting

  • Capture new scalable cookie-less 1P audience data
  • Reach target audience across all channels
  • Real-time retargeting audiences monetized onsite and offsite
  • Deep insights and analytics for effective segmentation
  • Dynamic creative optimization for maximum ROI
  • Tracking capabilities for accurate attribution and measurement
  • Customized strategy development and execution by experts

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