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Solution 1: Machine Learning with Omni IQ

Omni IQ uses your first-party data to identify more people like your best customers and reach them across all channels including digital and direct mail. Simply, upload and expand your audience directly on our secure platform or our team can create customized audiences at scale via a managed services agreement.

The Challenge

The harsh reality is that much of the consumer data available to companies is unactionable. This means that despite investing significant resources into collecting this data, it cannot be easily leveraged to drive business decisions.

In fact, the data is often invalid, inaccurate, or even fraudulent, causing companies to waste a significant amount of time and money. The inability to effectively use this data hinders your ability to target your ideal customers, leading to lost revenue.


The Solution

Our proprietary Machine Learning platform leverages your first-party data to identify more customers identical to your top customers. By doing so, we enable you to expand your reach and increase sales.

With BDEX’s Omni IQ, you can expect an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand. Say goodbye to unactionable data and hello to data-driven decisions that drive business growth. Join us and take control of your data today.

How It Works

Step 1

You'll provide a seed file of first-party data of your target consumers by simply uploading it to Omni IQ. We are able to ingest most forms of data, including mobile IDs, emails (MD5, SHAI, SHA256) or PII.

Step 2

This seed file is analyzed across a wide range of data segments aggregated from over 100 data sources.

Step 3

Using machine learning, we’ll weigh each data point, according to relative importance to your needs, to build a highly accurate model of your ideal target consumers.

Benefits of BDEX's Omni IQ Machine Learning

  • Increase ROAS by 50%+
  • Enhance the capabilities of your first-party data
  • Obtain scale and performance goals with custom models built in just hours – not weeks
  • Isolate highly targeted audiences based on your objectives
  • Reach consumers most likely to engage, respond and convert
  • Privacy compliant, GDPR, CCPA
  • No upfront costs, pay only for data usage

Solution 2: High Performing Custom Audience Creation

With over 5,000 consumer data segments and attributes available and our fraud free data guarantee, hundreds of brands rely on BDEX to build and curate custom audiences and improve return on ad spend.

Our Data
Consumer Data Segments and Attributes
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Integration & Destination Partners via LiveRamp
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Unique Identity Linkages Authenticated Monthly
+ 0 Million

Industry Leading

House holding capabilities

Choose From Q1 Top Selling Audience Segment Categories

Demographic, Income, & Financial
  • Established High Income Adults / Families
  • Income Ranges (Individual or Household)
  • Credit Card Types
  • Investment Type
  • Age (Millennial & Gen Z Buyer Groups)
  • Education Level
Family & Housing
  • Renter/Homeowner
  • Presence of Children in HH
  • Insurance Type & Value

Interest & Affinity
Shopping & Purchase
Sports Enthusiasts

  • NFL Enthusiasts
  • Golf Enthusiasts

Health Enthusiasts
Outdoor Enthusiasts
Home & Garden Enthusiasts
Political & Voter Sentiment
TV Viewership

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Case Studies

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In 2021, CBS was the leading ad-supported television network in the United States, with an average viewership of 5.6 million viewers according to Statista. For the launch of a new CBS family dance competition series…

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TiVo Expands 1st Party Monetization Opportunity By 11x

Looking for help monetizing their first-party data, TiVo turned to BDEX for help expanding its audience reach to nationwide scale in order to give its advertisers access to highly targeted nationwide audiences.

Working with BDEX improved TiVo’s first-party data monetization by 11X.

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