Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about BDEX’s data, our tools, our partners, and more.

Getting Started

Developed in 2014, our Data Exchange Platform (DXP) was designed to help data companies buy and sell data. Think of it as a stock exchange for data. Over a billion data points go into the DXP each day. 

BDEX works with a diverse group of clients, ranging from small local companies to Fortune 100 Companies like NBCUniversal, LiveRamp, and Synchrony Financial–to name a few.

Currently there are more than 100 data partners in our DXP. Partners must undergo a strict vetting process before being allowed to participate.

BDEX maintains marketing relationships with partners such as Neustar and SONY, among many others.

Yes! Feel free to tinker with our Taxonomy Explorer, which lets you search for users across over 300 industries. It’s a great way to narrow down your audience and make higher-quality connections.


A bunch! There are over one trillion data points in the BDEX platform. Currently, we have data tied to over 1.3 trillion emails, 800 million linked mobile IDs and emails, over 300 million emails linked to postal records, and over 5,500 categories of data on every consumer in the United States.

With more than 5,500 data segments to choose from, odds are we have what you’re looking for. Choose from factors like household income, age, vehicle ownership, geo-location data, purchase data, mobile app information, and more.

Data privacy is very important to us. In a world where few consumers feel that their personal information is safe with companies, data security can make or break your relationships. Our data undergoes a thorough vetting process, so your brand or organization can use it with integrity.

Of course! With BDEX, your data is yours to do whatever you want with–as long as you don’t re-sell it for other purposes. Feel free to use it again and again. (But we recommend a subscription to keep your important consumer data as fresh as possible.)

Yes. All our data partners are required to send data that can be used for marketing purposes only.

Absolutely. In fact, companies like Cisco and PwC surveyed consumers about this topic. They discovered that data privacy mattered so much, people were willing to switch companies if they thought one brand was mishandling their data—up to 87%. That’s why we take it just as seriously.


BDEX maintains one of the largest (if not the largest) identity graphs in the United States. It helps us understand consumers at the device level by connecting names, email addresses, postal addresses, mobile IDs, and cookies.

Omnisource IQ gathers behavioral data from over 100 sources to help you make timely connections. Real-time data signals put shoppers who are already in the sales cycle—consumers who are ready to buy—right in front of you

Omnisource IQ – Machine Learning uses profiles of your top shoppers to look for identical users across all platforms. It boasts an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand.

The BDEX ID Check spots bad or outdated IDs, fraudulent data, recursive ID linkages, and other inconsistencies. It’s how we keep our data as clean, verified, and ready-to-use as possible.


BDEX’s tailored datasets include more segments for targeting than traditional channels, including data from connected TVs and smart devices. These offer valuable insights that web cookies and mobile identifiers can’t.

BDEX helps auto dealers rise above the competition. We target likely buyers by gathering geofenced data, behavioral data, and identity data; then we let you know which shoppers are actively shopping for new vehicles.

BDEX provides up-to-the-minute data from thousands of categories, over 70 different partners, and countless websites + mobile apps to help you capture new shoppers and keep current ones interested.

Agencies use BDEX to create more meaningful, diverse customer connections. We match user IDs across all channels, using real-time data to help you put your message in front of ideal audiences at the right time.