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What is Omni IQ?

Omni IQ is BDEX’s new web-based application that takes machine learning and uses profiles of your top shoppers to look for identical users across all platforms. It boasts an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand.

How Does It Work?

Achieve Results

You provide the seed file. BDEX’s business analytic tools provide results. Using first-party data of your ideal customers, our unified identity graph goes to work ingesting mobile IDs, emails (MD5, SHA1, SHA256), PII, and household IDs.

Understand Your Data

After analyzing your data against our platform (and across over 5,000 segments aggregated from over 100 sources) our analytics team uses machine learning to weigh each point. The result: a highly accurate model of your target consumers.

Determine the Best Targets

Finally, we confirm the model’s accuracy by testing it against your data. The model finds the best target consumers, then activates the data via your preferred platform. Now you’re ready to connect with a new, scalable audience of likely converters.


Identity Matching Made Simple

Identity Resolution Techniques Every Marketer Should Know
Machine Learning in Programmatic Marketing and Advertising

We’re excited to announce an expansion of our identity resolution solution Omni IQ, allowing small and mid-sized marketers to conduct identity matching. Small and medium sized businesses are arguably more impacted by the cookieless future. That’s why we leveled the playing field with Omni IQ for all businesses.

Ways Machine Learning is Changing the Advertising Industry

Our Onboarding Process

Get Started in 3 Steps

Create Account & Upload CSV

Click on upload list in the understand section

Understand & Target Audience

Once complete, preview list details and analytics

Expand, Download and Activate

Build, download and activate audiences on ad platforms

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Identity Match Benefits


Most identity-matching solutions currently on the market only cater to large companies with massive budgets. That’s why we’re releasing this boutique option for smaller marketing companies to realize the same benefits.

Omni IQ uses profile information from customer and marketing lists to search across all platforms for users who share similar traits. With an accuracy rate of up to 90 percent.

Target with identity resolution

Let Your Data Work for You

Your business’s best customers are waiting to be discovered right now. Connect with them using BDEX’s Omni IQ with machine learning and your first-party data. Get your first-party data strategy in order with machine learning.

We chose BDEX because of their approach to data quality and validation. Precision and the assurance of privacy protection are paramount in this new era of targeted advertising planning and execution.
Fariba Zamaniyan
Vice President
Data and Monetization Sales
I didnt know what to expect, but my mind was blown! Seeing the free analytics on my CRM data was unreal. The gender, household income, and birth year data were eye-opening! Highly recommend to anyone looking to better understand their community/audience to leverage Omni IQ & BDEX. I definitely learned about my audience through the free tool alone.
Tom Slocum
Founder The SD Lab

Explore Your Data

Unlock your data’s true potential with help from our business analytics team and toolset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Omni IQ FAQ.

How do I get started on Omni IQ?

To get started, create your Omni IQ account using a business email address. You can also read this article all about how to use Omni IQ. Once you create your account, upload a CSV of contacts that you want to understand, and get complimentary analytics on those contacts all in a privacy-compliant manner via our data clean room technology. 

How do I create an audience on Omni IQ?

Click on Expand Audience in the Target section. Select the desired list(s), decide if it’s a Positive list or a Negative list, and name it. Add any additional lists to the positive or negative list columns. Select Create a New Audience. You will receive a notification when complete (this could take a couple of hours). Once complete, you can view your audience by clicking on Audiences in the Target section. Audience details and analytics preview will be available. Contact the BDEX team to download your new extended audience, to filter your list by location or other criteria or to have your audience pushed to a delivery partner or DSP.

How do I upload a list on Omni IQ?

Click on Upload List in the Understand section. Select the format of the data in your existing list. Fields expected in your data file will be selected.Drag & drop or click on the box to select and upload your CSV file. Once uploaded, ensure fields are mapped correctly.
Click Next. Allow file to upload to system. You will receive a notification when complete. Once complete, you can view list by clicking on Lists in the Understand section. List details and analytics preview will be available.

How do I export audiences from Omni IQ?

Click on lists on the lefthand panel. Select the analytics chart icon next to one of your uploaded lists. From there you can add data to your cart and check out.

Can I get a demo of Omni IQ?

Here’s a quick demo video to get you started. You can also talk to an expert who can help you walk through Omni IQ.

What does Omni IQ Cost?

We have a couple different monthly plans or you can talk to a data expert to help you create a custom plan designed to your specific need.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free, no-obligation trial.

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