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Revolutionize your marketing strategy with BDEX’s real-time Identity and Custom Audiences APIs.

BDEX’s Developer Solutions

Transform Your Marketing Strategy with BDEX's Identity & Custom Audiences API

Reach real people, not bots, across all channels. Enrich your CRM with demographics for better segmentation and higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Empower Your Marketing with Custom Audiences API and AI

Overview: Leverage the power of AI to build custom audiences from your 1st party data in minutes and integrate with your existing platform for seamless increased revenue opportunities.

Features: Integrate easily with any platform, embed free list analytics, create extended audiences with our built-in AI engine, improve and extend reach for your ad campaigns instantly.

Unlock the Power of Data with BDEX Identity API

Overview: Low-latency and up-to-date identity linkage data from mobile identifiers (MAIDs) to email hashes and vice versa from the most comprehensive ID graph in the US.

Features: Get match counts, manage multiple accounts in one, manage suppression lists, instantly download identity linkages. Compatible IDs: MAIDs(IDFA, AAID), hashed MAIDs, hashed emails (email_MD5), IP Address V4.

Power Your Marketing

Get to Know Your Customers

With BDEX's Custom Audiences API, enrich your CRM data with accurate identities and demographics to improve segmentation, and power effective marketing campaigns.

Target the Right Audience

BDEX's real-time updates and AI-powered reach extension ensure that you target the right audience and achieve better campaign results, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective marketing efforts.

Maximize Your Ad Spend

BDEX's Custom Audience API improves segmentation and targeting, resulting in a higher return on ad spend and more effective marketing. Reach the right audience and achieve better campaign results.

Benefits of BDEX's API

  • Real-time identity linkage data for accurate targeting.
  • Access to low-latency data for faster campaigns.
  • Free “link counts” endpoint for cost planning.
  • Real-time updates for up-to-date email and mobile IDs.
  • Accurate demographics for better customer understanding.
  • AI-powered reach extension for finding new audiences.
  • Better segmentation for higher ROI.
  • Efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

Powered by BDEX

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Case Studies

Delivering increased reach through TiVo Xtend – powered by BDEX data

BDEX helped an education services client extend their campaign reach using TiVo Xtend’s custom audience feature, resulting in a 42% increase and 57% cost reduction.

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How CBS Leveraged TiVo Xtend CTV Powered by BDEX to Promote Premiere

In 2021, CBS was the leading ad-supported television network in the United States, with an average viewership of 5.6 million viewers according to Statista. For the launch of a new CBS family dance competition series…

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TiVo Expands 1st Party Monetization Opportunity By 11x

Looking for help monetizing their first-party data, TiVo turned to BDEX for help expanding its audience reach to nationwide scale in order to give its advertisers access to highly targeted nationwide audiences.

Read the full case study.

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