Stop Worrying About The Quantity Of Impressions – It’s Quality That Counts

By AdExchanger Guest Columnist David Finkelstein, CEO BDEX, LLC

We have seen a lot of change in the identity landscape over the past 10 years. What once was a bit of the Wild West has turned into a highly regulated space. Yet it remains fraught with bad data due to a wide variety of ad fraud, as well as limitations in tracking due to third-party cookie deprecation, Apple’s ATT and Android’s Do Not Track.

Even with the current limitations in tracking, however, companies tout billions of ID linkages in the US alone. One company says it has data on over 200 million households in the US, which is baffling, since, according to the US census bureau, there are only 131 million US households.

The industry is too focused on quantity over quality. Unfortunately, it seems there are many people still chasing scale due to a lack of understanding. 

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