Case Study: Delivering increased reach through TiVo Xtend – powered by BDEX data

How an education services clients built custom audiences and extended campaign reach using TiVo Xtend

Programmatic advertisers face a host of challenges in deploying campaigns. These challenges include ad fraud, data privacy and security, measurement, and ad fatigue produced among their target audiences.

But perhaps most challenging for advertisers is growing a campaign’s incremental reach in the modern digital environment, by finding the best mix of traditional cable, CTV and other digital channels. Incremental reach refers to the additional number of people that can be reached by adding a new marketing channel or campaign to an existing media plan. 

Optimizing incremental reach can help advertisers ensure the channels on which they launch their campaigns are complementary. This can minimize wasted ad spend on duplicative channels and targets. Additionally, by measuring the impact of a new campaign or channel in terms of its audience’s reach, advertisers can better evaluate the value of a given channel beyond what has already been achieved through other marketing channels.

One of the best ways to grow incremental reach is to build custom audiences for a given campaign. This was precisely the objective of an education services client that came to TiVo and BDEX. The client wanted to identify a custom audience for the 2022-23 school year.

Identifying new audiences in education services

BDEX and TiVo partnered to assist a client in building a custom audience and help grow its incremental reach for a CTV campaign. This education services client wanted to build an audience around TiVo’s data to generate new registrations for the school year. BDEX helped TiVo identify that audience. 

The foundation of TiVo’s Xtend offering is their proprietary first-party TV viewership data. Starting with small segments of this TiVo audience data, BDEX compared them to its full data set. Using the BDEX identity graph and Omni IQ Machine Learning technologies, audiences were identified with similar characteristics across the country. 

BDEX expanded TiVo’s audiences to a full national scale using the BDEX identity graph. This includes a database of more than 800 million digital identities and Omni IQ Machine Learning. Comparing TiVo’s audience segments to this deterministic dataset led BDEX to identifying similar segments and creating a large seed audience for the education services client’s CTV campaign.

BDEX uses exclusively deterministic data, as opposed to “probabilistic” data. So, TiVo could ensure that the audiences they targeted were the audiences they wanted to access in their CTV campaign, as opposed to bots.

Campaign Results

This education services client reached an additional 42% of their target audience (i.e., 42% incremental reach). They did so by using TiVo Xtend powered by BDEX’s audience segments. Additionally, the overall cost per registration for their CTV campaign was 57% lower than the campaign’s goal.

This growth in incremental reach illustrates the value of deterministically extending audiences. Using BDEX’s identity graph and Omni IQ Machine Learning led to this growth. To learn more about building custom audiences with BDEX, visit our website.