How to Use BDEX’s Omni IQ to Better Understand Audiences

At BDEX, we provide advertising data that helps improve return on ad spend (ROAS) for businesses who are running digital ad campaigns to consumers. With a quality-focused data approach, we’ve helped businesses improve ROAS by up to 43%. We filter out fraudulent bot data from targeted audiences at scale for some of the largest media and ad tech companies in the world. 

Omni IQ Demo | April 2022

We do this in collaboration with over 100 highly vetted data partners including TiVo, Neustar, Acxiom, and more. Our fraud-free data guarantee helps ensure marketers are targeting real people and not click farms, bots or other fraudulent audiences. We know that in today’s data-centric landscape, it can be a real challenge for marketers to fully understand their current or target audiences. 

This is part of why we created Omni IQ – BDEX’s new web-based application that takes machine learning and uses profiles of your top customers to look for identical users across all platforms. The BDEX Omni IQ platform provides marketers with the ability to unlock hidden insights and behaviors of your best customers, giving you the ability to not only improve ad performance, but also assist in providing critical information and data-driven insights to guide business strategy.  

Marketers love to obsess over their audience and better understand who they are and what drives them. Omni IQ provides complimentary analytics on a full set of demographics to help marketers get started understanding who your best customers are and defining who their ideal target customer should be. 

Omni IQ boasts an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand and has shown to help improve marketer’s ad performance by up to 50%. The Omni IQ platform gives you the ability to control how granular your extended audience becomes by allowing you to use both positive and negative first party customer lists. This approach allows you to leverage your first-party data in an extremely precise way to build and target your ideal customer profile.

To use Omni IQ, you can upload a CSV file of contacts that you want to understand, and get complimentary analytics on those contacts all in a privacy-compliant manner via our data clean room technology. You can then designate lists as positive or negative lists to expand your audience by allowing the platform to leverage your first party data.

In the how-to video above, Jessie Lizak, BDEX CMO, provides a run through of how to use the Omni IQ app to upload your data, analyze your data, and extend your audience.