BDEX has solutions for every data buyer, no matter the application. Whether you want to know what your customers were doing three months or three minutes ago, BDEX has the data tools you need.


Real-Time Targeting

Get information about your customers the moment they begin to shop online. With real-time targeting from BDEX, you can find consumers who are in the market for your product or service at any given second. Use the data learned to send personalized messages to your customers or create new products and services to meet your consumers’ needs. READ MORE HERE.

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Custom Segment Building

Build your own data segments with the BDEX Custom Audience Creator. Combine a traditional audience group model but add real-time data segments, data age and quality, to create your target audience. With hundreds of millions of data points to choose from, the options are endless. READ MORE HERE.


Data Downloading

Buy data for offline usage with the Data Download Module. Select from previous campaigns or create an entirely new one, and download data on your customers or an entire industry. Available in CSV or XML file format, the data download is ideal for marketers who want to target their customers or research their market as a whole. READ MORE HERE.


Cross-Device Matching

Market to the same consumer across multiple channels, including social media, direct mail, and even mobile. By utilizing information from our 75+ vetted partners and custom ID tags, BDEX can help you find your customers across different platforms and target new consumers. With over 400 million mobile-to-email ID connections, BDEX is the most comprehensive data solution on the market when it comes to cross-device matching. READ MORE HERE.


Campaign Management

BDEX makes it easy to monitor and manage your campaigns in real time. Marketers can target consumers using the traditional audience group model but add specific real-time segments that enhance the standard DMP offerings. These real-time segments, only seconds old, allow retailers, marketers, and brands to select the most relevant audiences possible. Our customizable interface even allows marketers to set a budget by the data point, so you buy only the data you really need. READ MORE HERE.

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Auto Dealer Data Services

Reach car buyers like never before with BDEX’s data services for dealerships. READ MORE HERE.

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Franchise Data Services

Reach potential customers shopping for your product or service with BDEX’s data solutions for franchises. READ MORE HERE.

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DaaS, or Data as a Service, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional ad campaigns. READ MORE HERE.


Publisher Solutions (Selling Data)

BDEX enables advertisers and publishers to utilize data from virtually every source, not just a perceived audience group. READ MORE HERE.


Shopping Cart Retargeting

Ideal for retailers, BDEX’s C2E service connects companies with consumers who have visited but not registered or bought via the company website. READ MORE HERE.

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Risk Assessment

BDEX can help companies identify and provide non-traditional data segments to assist in risk management. READ MORE HERE.

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Outdoor Marketing

By utilizing BDEX’s Data Exchange Platform and beacon technology, marketers can obtain consumers’ mobile IDs and target in real time. No longer guess what your customers want. Modify your digital marketing campaigns based on location, time, and day, and make your outdoor displays more relevant and profitable. READ MORE HERE.


Partnership Program

Think you or your customers would benefit from our services? Learn more about our PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM.