Identity Resolution

Over 1 Trillion Real-Time Data Sets.
1.3 Billion Email Hashes.
Over 800 Million MD5 Pairs.

BDEX can augment your existing internal device graph or help you build your own Identity Graph! Leverage the power of the BDEX Data Exchange Platform to build your own Identity Graph and gain access to:

  • Dozens of vetted data sources in one place including SDKs, App Publishers and Aggregators updated in real-time.
  • BDEX Data Exchange Platform aggregates this data, normalizes it and programmatically optimizes for data quality and recency.
  • The BDEX ID Check toolset automatically identifies bad or old IDs, fraudulent data, recursive ID linkages and more errant data to protect the quality of your graph.
  • Real-Time API for accessing identity linkages in milliseconds.

Cross-device matching using the BDEX Identity Graph speaks to our core value: human connectivity.

Case Study:

Fortune 100 media company relying on LiveRamp to match identities for them at the audience level, wanted to bring their identity matches in-house. Their needs included:

  • They wanted to own the ID linkages and not rely on an outside source to match IDs for them every time they needed to do so.
  • They wanted access to one-to-one ID matches in real-time.
  • They wanted to link a dozen media platforms across the company into their internal ID graph to optimize delivery of content and advertising.
  • They wanted to save money by not paying for the same linkages over and over each time they needed to use them across multiple platforms.


BDEX provided them access to real-time MAID-MD5 ID matches via API enabling them to save over $500,000 in year 1. Now they have all of their platforms accessing the data they need in real-time; they own the graph and BDEX provides constant real-time updates as needed to keep their ID linkages up to date, free of fraudulent data, maintaining the highest level of data quality and improving their ability to reach consumers cross-device by 100%.

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BDEX is the first-ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP). The BDEX DXP and DAAS platforms enable companies to acquire impartial, quality-scored third party data reaching the right people at the right time like never before.

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