How AI and Real-Time Targeting Lead to Better ROI

Real-time targeting is your secret weapon for connecting to the right people at the precise right moment, and AI continues to play a major role in empowering these connections.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of every aspect of business. AI streamlines processes, improves accuracy and efficiency, provides valuable business data and insights, and can slash operational costs. All this is done by automating processes, which means machines are doing work that humans once performed, including real-time targeting.

According to Deloitte’s most recent State of AI in the Enterprise report, which surveyed adopters of AI in their organizations:

  • 73% think AI is very or critically important to the business
  • 64% believe that using AI leads to competitive advantage
  • 74% think that AI will be integrated into all enterprise applications within the next three years

Marketing is no exception. Organizations are taking advantage of AI to improve the way they reach customers and leads. Real-time targeting is one of the most effective ways that marketers are now connecting with their audiences and personalizing their messages, and AI is integral to that process. 

Improving SEO

One way that AI is improving targeting efforts is by giving marketers the power to identify SEO trends and search ranking information so they can improve their SEO strategy. Google’s entire ranking process is driven by AI, relying on algorithms to improve the results users see when searching for a term. 

Similarly, AI can help individual organizations improve their SEO tactics. It allows marketers to optimize their messages to be more SEO-friendly and provide recommendations about content based on current trends and search engine algorithms.

A powerful way to make instant connections with your audience is by becoming more visible when they’re searching for something specific.

Going beyond data to gain insight

Another way that AI improves real-time targeting is by going beyond just offering data about customers to extracting next-level insights about them from that data. Not only does AI deliver the facts about a customer’s behavior, it also offers intelligent assumptions based on those behaviors. 

When you can get inside the head of your audience, you can provide messaging and action items when you know they’re ready to take a step or make a purchase. Instead of just collecting and viewing data, you can actually act on those insights.

Programmatic advertising

A major way AI is changing the marketing and advertising world is through programmatic advertising. According to estimates from Zenith, in 2021, 72% of digital media will be programmatic, and spending will reach $147 billion.

Programmatic advertising uses insights and data analyzed by AI to tell you which ads you should spend money on and when. The online behavior of customers is tracked and assessed by the program, and ads are automatically purchased, sold, and placed online based on these assessments. 

Not only are campaigns more effective when they’re backed by AI and data, but they’re also faster, meaning marketers free up a lot of time using automation and save money on marketing costs. And all of these components work together to help you reach the right person at the exact right moment: When they’re ready to convert. 

Optimizing campaigns with predictive analytics

A powerful component of AI is the ability to track and analyze data and make predictions about the future, also known as predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can be used in real-time marketing campaigns to:

  • Determine likely future behavior of customers
  • Give you information about the ROI of campaign spending
  • Identify the outlets and channels that will be most effective to reach people

Instead of depending solely on predictions made by humans, AI is more efficient at providing accurate predictions in real-time. These insights help you improve your real-time targeting practices and get better results.

How BDEX drives real-time connections

At BDEX, we know that real-time targeting is better targeting. The BDEX Data Exchange Platform (DXP) is unmatched in the amount of information it provides about consumers. When a customer begins to shop online, you’ll receive real-time information about that person, allowing you to target them with personalized messaging that’s more likely to make an impact. 

Within minutes, you’ll have made an important link that goes beyond a data signal and actually connects you with a real human being. The BDEX DXP combines data from more than 5,500 categories and over 6 billion unique IDs, and provides more than a trillion data signals.

Automation techniques drive BDEX’s Omnisource IQ data solution, providing data from more than 70 sources in real-time so you can identify the right people when they’re ready to hear from you.

Contact the BDEX team to learn more about our data solutions.