Introducing BDEX’s Deconstructing Data Podcast

In this flagship episode of the Deconstructing Data podcast, hosts Jessie Lizak and Josh Morgan talk with David Finkelstein, CEO of BDEX, as the trio discuss the focus of Deconstructing Data and what listeners can expect to hear in this and future episodes.

Deconstructing Data Podcast, Episode #1

We also hear about the backgrounds of the respective podcast hosts, what drove them to BDEX, and a data-driven culture for programmatic advertising. Josh Morgan shares his personal story of his transition from a career in teaching to his current role as a hybrid teacher turned marketing guru. Josh also shares experiences from the classroom that led him to interview female leaders across tech and marketing industries in order to inform his female students about opportunities that exist they may not know about.

David Finkelstein talks about the history of BDEX, and how he and co-founder Michael Aronov moved from a contextual advertising platform into the data industry. David discusses his career as an entrepreneur and how he’s seen it evolve. He did this by not only being a visionary for the future, but focusing on the tactical side of how he and his businesses can get there. Additionally, David contextualizes how he’s successfully built and grown businesses over time, by hiring experts like Jessie Lizak who knows more about her area of expertise (marketing) than he does, and why that’s critical to any growing business’s success.