BDEX Omnisource IQ Machine Learning

Precise, scalable and comprehensive omnichannel audiences that perform

Omnisource IQ — Machine Learning, uses your first-party data to identify more people that look identical to your best customers and reach them across all marketing channels.


Much of the consumer data companies have access to is invalid or inaccurate, costing companies a lot of money.

BDEX improves your sales by unlocking the power of your data to reach more of your target customers.


By applying its machine learning technology, BDEX finds more customers identical to your top customers.

BDEX’s Omnisource IQ — Machine Learning has an accuracy rate of up to 84% in identifying the right audience for your brand.

See How it Works!


1.  We’ll ask you to provide a seed file of first-party data of your ideal target consumers. With our unified identity graph, we are able to ingest most forms of first-party data, including mobile IDs, emails (MD5, SHAI, SHA256), PII or household IDs.

2.  We’ll analyze this seed file against our platform, across over 5,000 data segments aggregated from over 100 data sources.

3.  Using machine learning, we’ll weigh each data point, according to relative importance to your needs, to build a highly accurate model of your ideal target consumers.

4.  We’ll test the model against your own first-party data to confirm accuracy.

5.  The model then determines the best consumer targets and activates the data via the platform of your choice to deliver a scalable audience of likely converters with impeccable precision.

We activate your audience through any of our activation partners:


  • Enhance the capabilities of your first-party data

  • Obtain scale and performance goals with custom models built in just hours – not weeks

  • Isolate highly targeted audiences based on your objectives

  • Reach consumers most likely to engage, respond and convert

  • Privacy compliant, GDPR, CCPA

Established in 2014, BDEX is the first ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP). Combining hundreds of data sources in real-time into one unique data infrastructure, BDEX offers the most powerful, most accurate identity graph available in the U.S. market. BDEX empowers B2C companies to use the power of data to understand consumer behaviors and intents, helping them reach the right people at the right time.

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