BDEX and LiveRamp Partnership Discussion with David Finkelstein and Kate Barnett

BDEX and LiveRamp Partnership Discussion with David Finkelstein and Kate Barnett

BDEX and LiveRamp partnership

In this video, David Finklestein, co-founder and CEO of BDEX, and Kate Barnett, Senior Partnership Executive, TV, at LiveRamp, discuss the partnership between their respective companies. As part of this conversation, the two discuss the importance of the partnership in TV. They also talk about privacy, and navigating the rapidly changing digital TV ecosystem.

Who are BDEX and LiveRamp?

LiveRamp is a data connectivity platform delivering end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers.

BDEX’s focus within television is to help brands build custom audiences using TV and ad viewership data.

Enabling targeting of those audiences is how BDEX came to partner with LiveRamp. The two companies’ mutual goal is to identify audiences that did not see ads rolled out through linear TV – offering a great opportunity for programmatic buyers to reach consumers they otherwise would not reach because of the switch to streaming platforms or updates in linear TV.

BDEX and LiveRamp prioritze data privacy

Privacy when creating and targeting these audiences is paramount. BDEX has always and will continue to prioritize consent, and LiveRamp has similar policies, as Barnett and Finklestein discuss. LiveRamp assesses all data providers to make sure that data is being collected in a way that prioritizes privacy first. The rules are complex and fast-evolving when it comes to data privacy. Both partners are helping advertisers adjust in real-time to new privacy legislation.

BDEX and LiveRamp help TV advertisers

Looking into the future, this discussion also highlights what programmatic buyers should know about the changing world of linear TV advertising and AVOD. There is undeniably a gravitation towards CTV and streaming services that will continue. Programmatic buyers are keen to continue allocating money to those areas. The caveat is that there are CTV streaming services (e.g., Netflix) that are not ad-supported programs. However, Barnett points out the dual-model that certain providers have rolled out should be more of a focus, as well as the providers that have more premium inventory. There is always a threat of ad fraud, but BDEX tackles identifying and preventing ad fraud in the CTV space. BDEX’s recommendation to programmatic advertisers is to expand their existing and create new custom audiences for CTV to reach the consumers that are missing the normal ads.

BDEX and LiveRamp’s partnership has benefits on all sides: identity and data privacy focus, willingness to adjust in a changing linear TV and CTV space, and motivation to reach audiences that are not currently accessed in the TV space.