BDEX Announces New Identity Graph Capabilities to Combat Rising Fraud Activity

Leading Consumer Data Exchange Platform Bolsters Data Validation Measures for Enhanced Ad Performance and Targeting Precision

June 01, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BDEX, the first and largest consumer data exchange platform (DXP) in the U.S., today announced updates to its latest identity graph capabilities designed to mitigate a recent surge in fraud activities in the digital advertising market. By implementing new stringent validation processes, BDEX is ensuring that all identities within the BDEX Identity Graph are thoroughly vetted, resulting in highly addressable audiences within the bid stream.

“Our commitment to data integrity and providing exceptional value to our clients has driven us to enhance our Identity Graph capabilities”Tweet this

Audiences built with non-addressable IDs significantly degrade ad performance, rendering campaigns less effective and negatively impacting return on ad spend (ROAS). In response to this issue, BDEX has taken measures to identify and eliminate IDs associated with ad fraud, such as bots and click farms, to maintain integrity of data sold through its platform. BDEX’s identity graph now has the ability to detect and address recycled IDs and events as well as temporary or single use IDs. This advanced functionality identifies instances where old IDs and events are disguised as new, preventing advertisers from unknowingly targeting campaigns with outdated and invalid data as well as unaddressable temporary IDs that are generated as a result of limited tracking on mobile devices.

“Our commitment to data integrity and providing exceptional value to our clients has driven us to enhance our Identity Graph capabilities,” said David Finkelstein, CEO of BDEX. “With our advanced identity resolution capabilities and robust validation measures, we are empowering advertisers to navigate the evolving landscape confidently, enabling them to achieve superior results and maximize their returns on advertising spend.”

According to BDEX analysis of trillions of data signals over the past 18 months, up to 80% of IDs linked by aggregators are currently non-addressable via demand side platforms (DSPs), highlighting the urgent need for innovative identity resolution techniques and for identity graph providers to adapt and evolve beyond traditional metrics.

BDEX’s Identity Graph revolutionizes the way advertisers target their digital ad campaigns by linking all IDs to household IP addresses. Through this comprehensive approach, BDEX eradicates performance degradation caused by non-household IP addresses, including carrier networks and public spaces, further fortifying the reliability and precision of its data. Advertisers and platforms leveraging BDEX’s ID Resolution technology have reported improvements of up to 43% in their ROAS, positioning them for lasting success in digital advertising.

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