Do You Know Your CDP From a DXP or DMP?

Learn the differences and identify which ones your business needs in our latest article on  

Customer data platforms (CDP), data management platforms (DMP), and data exchange platforms (DXP) Do you know what each of them does? Do you know which ones your business needs? 

David Finklestein, co-founder and CEO of BDEX, breaks it all down in his most recent article on

  • CDPs bring specific customer data from multiple sources into one central system where you can analyze, segment, and append it to better understand and engage your customers.
  • DMPs help brands gain insights into potential customers through anonymized data that enables targeted, personalized digital advertising. 
  • DXPs are exchange platforms that allow you to buy and sell third-party data to fill out your internal data about customers and prospects.

These are powerful tools for modern data management that can each boost the effectiveness of your marketing. Read the article to learn more.

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