How Seamless Cross-Channel Interactions Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Cross-channel marketing allows you to deliver exactly what customers want when they want it. This is only possible with real-time insights into customer behavior.

Reaching your customers at the right time means tracking them across channels and devices. Cross-channel interactions help you better understand your audience and deliver one of the most important goals of marketing: A killer customer experience.

According to a PWC report, even if customers say they love a brand or product, 59% will stop interacting with them if they have a few bad experiences, and 17% will say goodbye after just one bad experience.

Cross-channel or omnichannel marketing helps you give consumers what they want, right when they want it. These connections foster better, more lasting customer relationships. Learn how data from BDEX can help you reach your customers across touchpoints.

Customers want personalized messages

The digital world continues to shift towards personal, emotional connections between brands and consumers. Customers want messages that are catered to their real desires and goals. This has never been so attainable as it is with all the data and digital tools available to marketers today.

One essential element of creating a personalized marketing strategy is reaching customers across channels. This includes all their devices, media, and platforms, from smartphones to laptops to televisions to social media.

For example, a customer may begin his or her product search on a laptop, switch to a mobile device, and end up back on the computer to make a purchase. What’s more personal than being able to connect with a customer at a given time on the device they’re using? You can show them your offers right when they’re ready to click buy. Messages can be better catered to their desires based on their behaviors, so they’ll find your ads more relevant and appealing.

When you can create more personalized messages and send them across channels in real-time, customers will have an improved experience and be more satisfied with your brand.

Consider the customer journey

One of the biggest reasons cross-channel marketing improves customer experiences is because it addresses the customer’s real-time journey. Tracking the customer journey gives you insight not only into buying behaviors but also the different touchpoints they are choosing to interact with throughout their brand interactions.

Making connections with customers along each touchpoint helps keep your brand relevant in their minds and optimize your outreach strategy for each customer interaction. You can better understand what customers care about on a more personal and fine-grained level.

Speed and responsiveness

By interacting with consumers across channels, you also improve your brand’s response time. Customers care about responsiveness and approachability from the brands they patronize. The faster you can address a question or issue, the better the customer experience will be. You’ll be able to show customers you care about their needs.

Only with real-time data about what devices your customers are using can you truly provide instant interactions and feedback.

Harnessing real-time data signals from BDEX

One way to instantly improve the customer experience is to use real-time data signals that allow you to connect with them across channels and devices. Seamless cross-channel interactions just aren’t possible without the right data, which must reflect the latest real-time customer information.

By using this data, you can deliver the right message to the right person at the exact right moment including when they’re in the final sales funnel stage, ready to make a purchase.

The team at BDEX understands that you need a way to understand the individual behind each data signal. With our custom audience creator, you can view a real-time data point right when a consumer starts to shop online. You can then send a custom message within minutes, allowing you to target in real-time. This data-backed strategy helps you make more meaningful connections.

Omnisource IQ is the Data as a Service solution from BDEX that provides those real-time data signals you need to get shoppers in front of your marketing when they are ready to buy. The BDEX Identity graph helps you identify customers across channels, with more than 800 million email matches. And, to ensure you’re getting only the best, latest data, the BDEX ID Check helps us filter out bad data, which can be prominent in the digital space.

When you’re ready to start making more meaningful connections with your customers across multiple channels and improve the customer experience, contact BDEX to learn more about our advanced data solutions.