Data Marketing: Email Retargeting Can Help Auto Dealers Thrive

Learn how you can use email retargeting to improve your marketing strategy and gain a competitive edge

Are you using your customer data to its fullest? With email retargeting, your business can leverage the information you already have to send more meaningful messages and targeted ads to your leads.

In the automotive industry, it can be hard for companies to find that important competitive edge because the same customer data is being used by their competitors. But with the right marketing strategies in place ones that are driven by data they can make the meaningful real-time human connections they need to reach the right people at the right time and score more customers.

Because there are over 3.8 billion email users worldwide and email continues to be the most pervasive form of communication, according to a report from the Radicati Group, perfecting an email marketing strategy is a must in any industry.

Here’s why email retargeting is an effective strategy for auto dealers and how our data-empowerment tools at BDEX can make all the difference.

Why is email retargeting effective?

Email retargeting allows auto dealers to follow up with a potential customer or lead who engages with them online. This is also known as remarketing.

Email continues to be an effective channel for marketing strategies, with email marketing delivering about twice the ROI as other digital channels. According to a survey from Litmus of 372 marketers, email marketing ROI is 38 to 1 on average. Combining retargeting with email, then, just makes sense.

For display ads, the average click-through rate is .07%, but the average click-through rate for retargeted ads is around .7%. That’s a big difference, and it shows how powerful it is to use the data you already have to improve what you’re putting out there.

Why should auto dealers employ email retargeting?

Email retargeting is an effective strategy to build a brand’s customer base. Since the approach retargets consumers who have already shown an interest in their products or services, they’re not just reaching out blindly. This is huge for auto dealers because they can retarget customers who have engaged with their website and may be ready to purchase a vehicle or services.

It’s hard to stay competitive in the auto industry since dealers are all using the same customer data a lot of the time. It can also be hard to connect and engage, especially when you aren’t sure if your messages are being seen by your ideal customers.

Using email retargeting will help you reach customers over multiple channels, and you’ll already know that they’ve shown an interest and may be ready to buy. This is how email retargeting gives you an extra competitive advantage in the automotive industry.

For example, according to OptinMonster, email retargeting is especially impactful when a company is trying to get the attention of customers who have visited its website but took no action, or when it wants to target ads to those who have already downloaded a lead magnet.

Now that you know how email retargeting can be an effective addition to your marketing strategy, how can the products from BDEX help you get the real-time data you need to improve retargeting efforts?

The BDEX data difference

BDEX has a range of data tools that empower companies to use their data better. Using our BDEX Data Exchange Platform (DXP), marketers can create their own custom audience so they are targeting the right customers.

We believe in powering human connectivity and helping brands deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. We also offer data services specific to automotive data, including our Omnisource IQ services for automotive marketers at a fixed price to help them better target and market to ideal potential customers. Omnisource IQ is subscription-based and connects auto dealers with shoppers who are already in their sales cycle.

When you’re building a targeting strategy, we understand how much real-time targeting makes a difference in the success of your efforts. The BDEX DXP gives you information about customer’s moments after they’ve made an action online or have begun to shop.

There are real-time tags on thousands of websites, apps, and platforms, so we help you track users across multiple channels. With BDEX’s email retargeting services, a simple image tag will be placed on your website, and BDEX will match your website’s visitors with their email address. This is how we help you make more meaningful human connections using this effective retargeting strategy. To learn more about how BDEX can help you engage customers and use data to its fullest, get in touch with our team today.