Expand Your Programmatic Advertising with Quality Data AI and ML | BDEX Fireside Chat with TiVo

Why have we seen such a pronounced shift into automated buying? What can programmatic buyers be looking at from their perspective?

The key to deploying large-scale omnichannel campaigns is efficiency. Automation offers efficiency. Programmatic ad buyers need to lean on automation. This will help them reach their desired customers across all of the channels they access. Automation simplifies and streamlines time-consuming work. It also creates seamless customer journeys, and reaches those customers no matter where they are in the lifecycle.

Programmatic advertisers will expect to see increased demands for performance from campaigns in 2022. The key to driving better performance must start with evaluating the outcomes. If a direct-to-consumer advertiser can better track web visits as a key performance indicator (KPI), they can more effectively evaluate how the strategies they’re employing affect that KPI. By cross comparing outcomes with the strategies and channels through which they’re executing, programmatic advertisers can better measure campaign effectiveness.

How can advertisers address concerns when it comes to addressability going forward?

The programmatic buyer is responsible for making sure the resources being leveraged are executed on. They’re also responsible for making sure the campaign runs effectively. It’s important to pay attention to the details of those data sources.

One recommendation is to understand whether or not the data being used to define these audiences is first-party data. In particular, deterministic. Privacy controls are a sensitivity in light of CCPA and other privacy regulations. Therefore, using first-party data when defining and targeting audiences is key. This ensures the audiences you’re targeting are the audiences you intended.

Why did TiVo partner with BDEX?

TiVo wanted a partner to help take its household level information, data, targets and audiences and bring them into the digital ecosystem. TiVo needed to identify and associate the various device identities for all the members in the household in order to connect the dots and better understand their viewers.

BDEX provides flexibility, an interest to work with TiVo in different capacities, but mainly a vast data platform and a validated device graph that’s done at a 90% accuracy level. It was crucial for TiVo to partner with a company that assured privacy protection and accuracy of first-party data.

What’s upcoming for TiVo?

Viewership data is captured everyday on a syndicated basis producing readily available “what was tuned in” or “what ads were potentially exposed to the day before” information. When custom audience requests come in, for current or future planning and execution seasons, TiVo can work with you to build the audience together.

After partnering with BDEX, TiVo has custom audience data available. They easily push to platforms or seed ideas of interest within five business days. The data set is incredibly flexible when it comes to the linear side, where a viewer watches a scheduled TV program. Combined with the thousands of different attributes that BDEX helps bring to the table, such as demographics or lifestyle information, TiVo can now create a complex audience in a short period of time.

Today, the blueprint of linear is leveraged on a programmatic scale across a host of different categories. This is done so with the granularity that digital can deliver against. It’s all about managed service support and getting your clients the granularity they need for outcomes.