Machine learning levels up your targeted marketing strategy

Machine Learning (ML) Levels Up Your Targeted Marketing Strategy by Putting Your Brand in Front of the Right People at the Right Time

Omnisource IQ ML helps you improve your targeted marketing strategy. It discovers more buyers who match your top customers with an Industry-leading accuracy rate of up to 84%.

BDEX’s Omnisource IQ Machine Learning makes sure your marketing goes to the right people when they’re ready to buy.

First, Key Takeaways:

  • Inaccurate and invalid data is everywhere, and it’s hurting your marketing performance
  • Even when data exchange platforms have accurate data, there’s a lack of real-time intent without machine learning
  • Omnisource IQ ML lets you do real-time targeting while prospects  are in the funnel
  • Using Omnisource IQ machine learning finds more customers who want to hear from you

First, you spend a lot of money to target your ideal customer using big data. You would like to assume that your data is accurate. All too often, this is an unrealistic exception. Most of the time. Inaccurate and invalid data is ubiquitous. 

It’s a frustrating issue, and one that most data exchange platforms fail to adequately address. Meanwhile, your company is struggling to attract new customers, and even when the data is accurate, the lack of real-time intent hobbles your conversion rates.

Static data allows you to target your ideal audience. But it isn’t shown to people with real-time interest. Problem solved: With Omnisource IQ machine learning, real-time data signals put your brand in front of ready-to-buy shoppers who are shopping right now. Allowing you to focus on your real business driver building brand loyalty with direct connections and ideal customers. 

Machine learning for your targeted marketing strategy 

Omnisource IQ applies machine learning to discover more buyers who match the characteristics of your top customers with an accuracy rate of up to 84%. Moreover, your first party customer data informs the process. Omnisource IQ uses your first party customer data to find people who look identical to your best customers. You are then able to reach them across all of your marketing channels and devices. 

Omnisource IQ – Machine learning offers:

  • Enhanced capabilities for your first-party data
  • Custom models for scale and performance goals built within hours, not weeks
  • Highly targeted audiences based on your objectives
  • The ability to reach customers who are most likely to engage, respond, and convert
  • Privacy compliance with GDPR and CCPA
  • A plan for the cookieless future

Machine learning means you can unlock the real power of your data. Additionally, it allows you to to not only meet the goals in your targeted marketing strategy, but to confidently reach potential customers to increase your return on marketing (ROM) and scale locally or nationally.

Start building your first-party data strategy now before you’re forced to Omnisource IQ Machine Learning helps you move away from third-party cookies for your digital ad targeting.

More Omnisource IQ machine learning benefits

Data signals come from a variety of sources, including online, offline, mobile, and geo-location. Our platform is constantly organizing this real-time data into insights on every consumer in the U.S. You set the parameters that define your ideal customer as well as the instances that reflect buying intent. Then we notify you when there are actionable selling opportunities to pursue with real people, along with providing an authoritative Omnisource view of your ideal consumer.

This provides you the ability to perform real-time targeting tailored to your targeted marketing strategy. This is better than targeting every possible buyer equally. Omnisource IQ gives you as-it’s-happening data to help you reach people who are ready to buy.

Custom segment building is possible via insights about consumers. Omnisource IQ continuously organizes hundreds of thousands of real-time data signals coming from all data sources.

Personalization is demanded by customers today. They want to feel valued and connected, and Omnisource IQ provides you with the information you need to stand out from your competitors and truly form that human connection. 

Improve your sales by up to 43% here’s how it works

It’s easy to create your own custom audience. Omnisource IQ Machine Learning identifies exactly the right customer at exactly the right moment, discovering your ideal consumers in your funnel across every channel right now.

  1. First, you’ll supply us with a seed file of your first-party data that contains your ideal target consumers. Our unified identity graph means we can take most forms of data, including mobile IDs, emails (MD5, SHAI, SHA256), PII, or household IDs.
  2. Then, we’ll analyze your seed file against our platform across more than 5,500 data segments we’ve aggregated from more than 100 data sources.
  3. This is where machine learning comes in. We will weigh each data point according to the relative importance of your needs and build a highly accurate model of your ideal target customers.
  4. Next comes testing. We’ll compare the model against your first-party data to confirm accuracy.
  5. Your custom audience is created. Then, we activate the data via the platform of your choice.

With Omnisource IQ, you increase your knowledge of in-market candidates and current customers to optimize your marketing, sales, and CRM processes. 

The end product is a scalable audience of likely converters generated with unparalleled precision that you can activate anywhere across your marketing ecosystem. Then just watch your ROAS increase by 10X!. 

Find your ideal customer today with BDX and Omnisource IQ

Your competitors’ efforts to increase sales are likely focused on trying to bring generic audiences of potential buyers to the table using the same third-party data over and over. This kind of data is not informative at the level of the individual shopper, nor does it give real-time, as-it’s-happening insight.

In conclusion, with Omnisource IQ, you reach consumers in your funnel across every channel RIGHT NOW.
It’s your secret weapon to vanquish the competition, and it’s available now. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll show you how the right data can create success beyond your wildest dreams.