Personalization: What Your Audience Really Wants

Marketing strategies need to center around providing personalized experiences because today’s customers want to find emotional connections to the brands they support

The personalization moment is here for marketers. Consumers now care about brands who are willing to take extra steps to customize experiences. This is done by personalizing marketing messages to focus on what customers want at an individual level, making real connections that spark emotion and intrigue.

Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase when brands provide more personalized experiences, and 90% find personalization appealing.

This is because the modern consumer is inundated with advertisements and marketing messages at every juncture. They’ve learned to disregard what seems like spam and only pay attention to communications that matter to them.

As a marketer, how can you give your audience what they really want?

Ask for feedback

First, implement a system for collecting and analyzing feedback from your customers and leads. Ask them what they liked about your website, products, or services, and what they feel needs improvement.

Although some individuals will not complete a survey or questionnaire, those who do will provide valuable information about their experience with your brand. These requests for feedback could be to anyone who visits your website, email subscribers, new customers, or leads.

Connect with consumers on social media outlets to gauge interest in your company and the industry in general. Pose questions that will engage your audience, and always respond to comments that your audience leaves or messages they send you directly.

Analyze which of your posts are getting the most likes and comments and which aren’t, which will provide data about which content works best for engaging your audience.

Personalize your emails and newsletters

When you’re sending out follow-ups to leads or customers, or sending out your company’s newsletter, make sure to make it personal. Emails should have engaging subject lines that will interest your audience. For example, try putting customers’ first names in subject lines, and always include them in your email greetings.

Similarly, sign emails with your name or an employee’s name so that messages are coming from a real person and not just the company as a whole. Doing so helps show customers that you’re trying to make connections between two humans and not just a data signal and brand name.

Track customers across channels

Many marketers are now using a cross-channel approach so that individuals can be reached across devices and platforms. This strategy not only provides key personal data that helps you personalize messages, but it also allows you to ensure that the brand is represented consistently across channels and that your targets are seeing the same messages. This will build trust in your brand and leads to brand loyalty.

An Adobe and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study showed that 77% of marketers in North America believe that real-time personalization is important. Tracking consumers across channels requires gathering and analyzing real-time data, which then gives you the ability to provide real-time messages that foster better, more relevant connections.

Use the right data

You won’t be able to reach the right people in the right format at the right time without the right data. BDEX solves this problem with our data solutions, including the BDEX Data Exchange Platform (DXP), Data as a Service, and the BDEX Identity Graph.

These tools give you real-time insights that connect you to a customer when they’re already in your sales funnel so you can close the sale. You’ll receive real-time data about customers who have just begun to shop online so you can target these ready and willing individuals with your personalized experiences and messages.

Our data marketplace has over 6 billion unique IDs, 5,500 data categories, more than 800 million mobile ID-to-email matches, and more than 1 trillion data signals. BDEX believes that real-time targeting is better targeting and has become a requirement for modern consumers.

Personalized content is a must in our data-driven, digital world. Customers want to feel seen, heard, and valued by brands, and when they’re satisfied, they’ll return again and again. By asking for feedback, personalizing your communications, gathering customer data across channels, and using the right data, you’ll be on your way to offering more personalized experiences that will lead to customer loyalty and business growth.

To learn more about our data solutions, get in touch with the team at BDEX today.