Targeting Voters with Quality Big Data this Election Season

In an innovative and ultimately game-changing move, Barack Obama and his campaign team took advantage of the Internet, social media and data analytics to target voters, reach voters and harness volunteers. The strategy, used in both of his successful presidential runs, led current nominees Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and of course Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020 to follow suit. This time, however, the data learned and used is bigger than ever. In fact, it’s big data.

Politics and the Data Marketplace

You don’t have to be a political data expert to see the advantages political data segments have to offer. Used in conjunction with other segments, political data can be used by political (and non-political) brands, agencies, and retailers to gain a more well-rounded view of their target consumer. These segments often contain information about consumer party associations and their outlooks on specific issues.

Additionally for those targeting voters this election season, we can help you target with precision. You’ll be able to look beyond party and understand your supporters and donors better than ever. Use machine learning to help you expand your audience.

Lookalike Modeling

One of the most useful tools for political campaign operatives wanting to target specific voters and political thinkers is lookalike modeling backed by machine learning. By simply identifying the key factors and behaviors that make up their target audience, political strategists can actually build their ideal lists of voters and donors and find others who match. If you know that the majority of your existing campaign supporters, volunteers and donors are female, aged 30 to 50, who make $100,000 or more a year, and tend to vote democrat, you can find millions of others who meet that criteria with precise machine learning lookalike modeling.

Share your list of supporters or donors with BDEX and we will help you find demographic and behavioral commonalities across multiple devices. Then we will use this data to find more people like those who already donated or volunteered for you.

BDEX’s Custom Audience Creator makes lookalike modeling and segment building even easier. Combined with a strategic marketing campaign, lookalike modeling is one of the simplest but most effective ways to reach new consumers.

Targeting Voters and Donors with Quality Data

Not all data is created equal, however, so not all data providers provide the same quality or number of data segments. With over 200 billion data points in 5,500 different data categories, BDEX has one of the largest reservoirs of quality, third-party data on the market. With millions of data points on politics alone, BDEX is the only data platform you need this campaign season. BDEX even has specific data segments dedicated to consumers with a somewhat conservative political outlook, a very liberal political outlook, and a “middle of the road” political outlook, to name a few.

The first ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP), the BDEX marketplace combines all the data, reach, and functionality of a traditional DMP in a true marketplace environment. With no minimums for data buyers and available at no cost to sellers, BDEX is the ideal choice for a variety of marketers. With data collected from 70+ vetted websites and sources, including Neustar and Acxiom, BDEX is your one-stop shop for all things data.