What is Identity Resolution?

In explaining what is identity resolution, it’s important to understand today’s consumer. Consumers today use multiple devices. They use different devices to access social media, log in to work and personal email accounts, and browse websites. How are you going to sort through all these different touchpoints? How can you do it in a privacy compliant manner? Or in a way that forms an accurate profile of a potential buyer? At the same time, consumers expect the ads and promotions they see to be personalized and respond better to Identity-Based Marketing. Building accurate consumer profiles has never been more important. It’s likely to only get more difficult as tech gets more advanced. Buyers are on more and more channels and devices.

With mobile tracking limited, strong identity resolution is more important than ever. So, how can you improve your brand’s marketing strategy to keep up with this deluge of data? The solution is Identity Resolution. 

What is identity resolution?

So, what is identity resolution?

You may have already heard of identity resolution, often referred to as cross-device identification or cross-device targeting. Identity resolution is the process of matching the growing volume of identifiers to one individual. It does this for that one individual across devices, platforms, and locations to create a comprehensive and cohesive consumer profile. When the data is combined, marketers can identify where consumers are in the sales process. This allows marketers to deliver relevant messaging that is most likely to receive engagement. 

How does identity resolution work?

It would be impossible for one person or even a team of employees to capture and identify all this data. At the very least, it would be a full-time endeavor. Yet this data is necessary to create a seamless, omnichannel view of your consumers. Luckily, marketers can use technology that will handle the data faster than any human could.

Identity resolution tools like BDEX’s ID Resolution tool can reliably aggregate, normalize, and programmatically optimize data while checking for outdated, fraudulent, and inconsistent information. Data from multiple online sources is displayed in one place. It is updated in real time on an identity graph for marketers to use. 

Identity resolution tools often rely on advanced algorithms, machine learning, and deterministic matching. This means the resulting consumer profiles are more accurate and can reliably be used for important decision making. Integrating these new tools into your daily decisions, budgeting, and planning give you valuable insights.

Why is identity resolution important?

So, what’s the big deal? Why are identity resolution tools so essential to marketing nowadays? Knowing your customer has never been as challenging. We live in a world where there are so many buying channels.

Once your brand has a full picture of your audience, you can deliver personalized and relevant content. Additionally, you can do it throughout a consumer’s journey with your brand. This creates a seamless, convenient, and highly personal experience for each consumer. Additionally, identity resolution allows your brand to deeply connect with your ideal audience across any devices and marketing channel. When combined with effective personalized messaging, omnichannel marketing will increase your brand’s meaningful relationships. It will nurture engaged prospects and deliver the right messaging at the right time. You’ll see this reflected in higher conversion rates, more sales, and increased customer loyalty.

Today’s marketing environment is busier than ever, and the competition is steep. Many companies are brushing up on the Basics of Identity-Based Marketing to stay relevant. Your best chance of standing out and closing sales is to understand your consumers’ identity graphs. This will allow you to curate your marketing content to meet consumers’ needs. As advertising costs rise and more consumers turn to the digital world, capable identity resolution tools are the key.

BDEX’s Identity Resolution Solutions

Finally, improving your consumer profiles doesn’t have to be difficult. We designed BDEX to make the process simple. BDEX provides the data solutions you need to identify the real people behind your data and get a complete view of your consumers. We filter through billions of real-time data signals. We do this to identify customers are ready to buy and which need more to resources to make the plunge. 

When you use our BDEX identity resolution tools, your data will be accurate and complete. We will match data from across multiple devices and platforms to help you understand the real people behind the data. 

In conclusion, have more questions? Learn more about identity resolution and all BDEX’s data solutions here.