BDEX Partners with TiVo to Offer Advertisers Unprecedented Access to Scalable TV Audiences Nationwide

BDEX announces relationship with TiVo to expand audience reach while protecting consumer privacy


BDEX, the first and largest consumer data exchange in the United States, today announced its partnership with TiVo®, the company that brings entertainment together and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER). This joint data collaboration will allow BDEX to bring its data solutions to a wider pool of advertisers, and enable TiVo to expand its reach, giving advertisers unprecedented access to highly-targeted, nationwide audiences while also protecting consumer privacy.

As part of the partnership, TiVo will utilize BDEX’s newly-unveiled Omnisource IQ Machine Learning solution, which allows TiVo to use its TV data to create a highly accurate, scalable model of its advertisers’ ideal target audiences. Advertisers can then activate these audiences via the platform of their choice, including LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, Neustar, Lotame, and Eyeota. Several additional platforms are underway and will be launched in early second quarter.

“We’re excited to bring our data solutions to TiVo and its advertisers. TiVo’s reach extends to millions of homes across the U.S., allowing it to capture powerful insights on viewers from a diverse mix of providers,” said BDEX CEO and Co-Founder David Finkelstein. “Utilizing BDEX’s data infrastructure and machine learning capabilities will enable TiVo to offer advertisers the ability to scale their audiences nationwide with unprecedented accuracy.”

“As streaming accelerates and viewership shifts across devices, it’s key for advertisers to reach their target audiences when and where they consume content,” said Walt Horstman, SVP of monetization, TiVo. “We are excited to partner with BDEX to offer our advertisers the ability to identify and reach TV audiences at scale in a brand-safe environment, on their preferred devices, while respecting consumer privacy.”

One of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the U.S., BDEX offers the most powerful identity resolution capabilities on the market. By analyzing brands’ first-party data against the platform’s 1 trillion data signals aggregated from over 100 data providers, BDEX’s Omnisource IQ Machine Learning solution can determine the best target audience for brands with an accuracy rate of up to 84 percent.

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TiVo brings entertainment together, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy. We serve up the best movies, shows and videos from across live TV, on-demand, streaming services and countless apps, helping people to watch on their terms. For studios, networks and advertisers, TiVo delivers a passionate group of watchers to increase viewership and engagement across all screens. In June 2020, TiVo became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation. Go to and enjoy watching.

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