Bridge the Gap Between Intention and Impact With Data

Using the right data can turn your good intentions into positive outcomes. Find out how data solutions from BDEX help you do just that.

There are clear disconnects between marketers’ intentions and actual customer impacts. According to the Loyalty That Lasts report from the CMO Council, only 11% of marketers are confident that their current strategies will actually achieve their goals centered around growth and customer engagement.

The survey also shows that 43% of marketers admit that transactional is the most important attribute and descriptor of their customers, even while three out of five respondents believe the key to deeper relationships with customers is a more personalized approach to engagement.

This means there’s a gap between our goals and making actual connections with real human beings. It’s too easy for marketers to see a data signal and treat it as a potential transaction, instead of trying to understand the person behind that data.

Here’s how to use the right data to bridge this gap and make more meaningful links with your customer base.

Focusing on customer interests

The right data helps marketers listen to the voice of the customer. When you better understand your audience, you can be more effective in your marketing strategy while showing customers that you care about what they want and what’s important to them.

Tracking behavior and intent, for example, leads you to make better predictions about what motivates the consumers you’re trying to reach. Knowing this means you can align your messages to the needs and interests of the real people you’re targeting.

Research consistently shows that companies using customer analytics see an increase in positive mentions on social media platforms. This is because customers appreciate when a company understands them and makes it clear that doing so is a priority. Epsilon research has shown that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences. And the right data allows you to offer just that.

A multichannel approach to marketing

Another way to focus on positive outcomes with data is to use a multichannel approach to connecting with customers. This means that marketers need to implement different strategies for each channel, but it also means they need to be able to identify customers across these channels to better understand the behavior of actual individuals, not just segments and data signals.

Using data across channels also means marketers can segment buyer data, allowing them to better engage with customers based on these segments. This enables them to implement only the most effective communications possible thus bringing more value to marketing efforts. With the right cross-channel data, time and money won’t be wasted on marketing channels that audiences just aren’t responding to.

Focus on brand perception and quality

For positive customer impacts, content must be high quality and genuine. Many modern customers can spot an untrustworthy brand from a mile away, and they’re especially skeptical in the online world. But even if you have the best intentions with your content, do you know how your audiences are perceiving you?

Gather data that can help you understand how your messages are being perceived. Ask customers and website visitors directly about their experience with the brand and their impressions. This data can then be used to understand your customers, improve your messages, and foster more positive interactions.

Without this important knowledge, all your good intentions won’t lead you to the positive outcomes you’re looking for.

How BDEX empowers human connectivity

Unlike other data exchange platforms, the BDEX DXP enables actual human connectivity between marketers and customers. We track real-time data signals that help you communicate more effectively with customers and reach the right person at the right time.

Our BDEX Identity Graph is the largest ID graph out there and includes data linking of more than 800 million mobile devices to the real people behind the data. BDEX also has more than 6 billion unique IDs, over 5,500 data categories in our platform, and over a trillion data signals.

To ensure your good marketing intentions are getting you the outcomes you need, real-time targeting is the route to take. With custom real-time tags placed on thousands of platforms, apps, and websites, we can track customers across multiple channels, allowing us to deliver the most recent, up-to-the-minute data.

Contact the BDEX team today to get started with our data exchange platform and other data solutions that will transform your marketing strategy, helping you turn intent into positive impact.