Why Real-Time Is the New Requirement for Marketers

After-the-fact just won’t cut it for today’s marketers. Real-time targeting is on its way to becoming the new normal.

Data-driven marketing strategies have been changing the ways marketers make decisions and how brands interact with their customers. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques incorporated into the marketing world have meant customer data can be gathered and analyzed at lightning speeds, providing an easy-to-understand overview that’s helpful for planning and strategizing.

But many of these solutions provide important information after the fact, meaning marketers largely use historical data to make predictions about the future. And while this is an important part of data-driven marketing, today’s landscape is requiring a shift toward real-time marketing.

Getting personal with real-time marketing

Customers want custom engagements. (Custom is right in their name, after all.) Real-time marketing means you’re targeting consumers in the moment, based on real-time data that’s being collected on them. As soon as a data point comes in, you can apply custom campaigns and messages that are specific to that consumer’s desires. And this means not just their predicted desires based on past behaviors their current desires.

(More generally, real-time marketing can also mean taking advantage of a widespread event or occurrence that’s happening in a given area to market to consumers within that area, for example.)

Real-time targeting helps brands engage willing customers and make the sale. Marketers can create rules based on these instant analytics that will help them make sense of the data faster, allowing them to immediately create and send custom messages. And as soon as the customer profile changes, these rules are applied and updates are implemented.

Increasingly, today’s customers engage with their favorite brands on a range of devices and channels, from social media to mobile to email. Effective real-time targeting means marketers can keep up with consumers across all the channels they’re using.

Human connectivity through timely marketing

A study from Accenture showed that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that recognizes, remembers, and provides relevant offers and recommendations to them. Modern customers want personalized messages, and one way to provide that is to appeal to what they’re doing or looking for minute by minute.

The use of data in marketing strategies now needs to be fluid and continuous, instead of focusing on one point in time, to truly evaluate and predict the modern consumer’s behavior. But making an instant connection with a curious consumer is now one of the most important things brands can do. Modern customers want real human connections.

All of these enhancements in analyzing and using data aren’t possible without AI. A complete profile of a customer now means that real-time considerations are part of the equation, including things like their mood, current actions, location, and more. AI also helps marketers use this continuously collected data, enabling them to send out advertisements, messages, or promotions in real-time.

Real-time targeting with BDEX data

Now’s the time to start making more meaningful connections with your audience. BDEX’s data solutions allow you to engage right away, using real-time targeting to help you get to the sale within just a few minutes.

The BDEX Data Exchange Platform (DXP) offers over 6 billion unique IDs, 5,500 data categories, 800 million mobile ID-to-email matches, and 1 trillion data signals. Using this wide range of information, you have access to real-time data. This means you can reach your customers the moment after they start to shop online, with relevant, custom messages that will lead them to a purchase within minutes.

BDEX gives you the power to know what a customer wants at any given moment. Custom real-time tags are placed on thousands of websites, apps, and platforms, giving BDEX the ability to track consumers across multiple channels. What does this mean for you? Up-to-the-second data that’s just not available anywhere else.

Omnisource IQ is BDEX’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, using real-time data signals to connect you with consumers who are in the sales cycle, ready to complete a purchase. Behavioral data is gathered in real time from over 70 sources, and you can then identify which users are ready to buy.

The BDEX Identity Graph helps you connect with your audience across channels. We filter billions of real-time data signals based on behavior identified factors that mean a customer is ready to make a purchase. The BDEX Identity Graph gives you access to over 800 million email MD5-MAID-IP matches.

When you work with us, you buy the data from BDEX, so you can continue to reuse it as many times as you want. There is no better, more cost-effective way to reach customers in the moment. Contact the team at BDEX to get started with real-time targeting, and connected with the right people at the right time.